As you may remember, membership prices will change on 1st July. The annual fees will be £799 for a 1-year and £1,399 for a 2-year membership (+ VAT).

There are however significant savings to be had by renewing now (ie before 1st July) and adding the extra 12 or 24 months to the end of your current membership. The current 24 month membership is £980 +vat. So for just under £200 you can have a 2 year membership saving you £419+vat.


How do you now add this value to your seat?

  • Arrive early and before the late line 6:30am for open networking
  • Be prepared.
    Have a thought out 60 seconds including why we can refer you with confidence and a specific. Don't forget to explain why you want that specific.
  • Get good 121's.
    A 121 is not a chat on a doorstep or a passing in Bluewater, it's a way we all learn about each others business, how we can help each other and should be at a place of work.
    If we don't know you or your business, how can we refer you with confidence - Know, Like & Trust
  • Attend socials.
    Socials are a great way of understanding members on a personal level. At a social we are more likely to let our guard down, learn more about the person, their family and what drives them. Members become friends and we all like to refer our friends.
  • Attend Training.
    Training is a great way to pick up tips and tricks from other members on how to help your business and get the most out of BNI.
    It is also a fantastic way of networking. We all joined BNI to increase our network and training/events is the best way to do that. If you haven't got your specific from your room then try attending a network event such as the Green Club. So many members have got theor dream referral from BNI Events. Why would you want to miss out on that opportunity.
  • Support members online
    like, commenting and sharing their posts. The more we engage, the further our reach and the more chance for members to gain more work and potential visitors registering to attend a meeting.
  • Quality referrals.
    A quality referral comes when you understand the members businesses more. Members are more interested in a quality referral over wasting time on fluff.
  • Don't be a 90min member.
    What is a 90min member i hear you ask?
    A 90 min member is someone who turns up just in time, stays for the meeting and leaves as soon as the meeting is over. They do not engage with members and just look to hunt for work. The best members stay after the meeting and discuss how they can help members and arrange 121's for the coming week.

 If you do all these things then your seat will increase in value to you much more than the increased membership renewal.

If you wish to go ahead and take advantage now, please apply to renew your membership here